Saturday, May 20, 2017

PVQA May 2017 BOM - Flying geese

Sorry for the delay on these instructions I've been traveling a lot and that makes wifi a little dicey for posting.
This is a really fun block and I've included a relatively new technique for making flying geese units 4 at a time!  I first saw this on Randy's blog (Barrister's Block) back when she was posting her first Sow-a-long.  You can make any size "geese" by adding 7/8" to the height and   
1 1/4" to the width to the finished size of the geese units that you need.  These geese units will be 2.5' x 5" -finished.
Choose colors in light to medium shades of blue, green, pink, purple, grey, black or white.  You will be making 2 sets of Flying Geese units.  For each set of “geese” choose one solid color and one print. 
The prints should be graphic:  dots, stripes, circles, zig-zags etc.  Make one set where the “geese” are solid and the background is a print and the other set will have printed “geese” and a solid background.

This is an “All From Your Stash” Block.  Two sets of “geese” units constitutes one block credit you may make up to 6 blocks = 12 “geese” units.

1-    6 ¼ ” solid square to be paired with 4-  3 3/8” printed squares
1-    6 ¼” print square to be paired with 4- 3 3/8” solid squares


To make 1 “geese” set of 4, take one of the 6 ¼” squares,place it face up on the ironing board, place two of the 3 3/8” squares on top of it, face down, as show. 

Draw a line down the middle. Pin each small square across the draw line to hold it to the large patch.  

Sew ¼” seam on each side of the drawn line. 

Cut on the drawn line between the two stitched seams
and press. Place one 3 3/8” square right side down on top of each of these units.  (refer to pic below) Draw a line on the square, pin it down and sew a ¼” on either side of the line.  Cut on the line and press.  

Each 6 1/4" square will yield 4 geese units 


Sew the 4 geese units head to tail.  Repeat the proceedure for the second 6 1/4" patch and it's four - 3 3/8" squares to produce the second set of geese.  Do not sew the 2 geese sets together.  Leave that to the lucky winner so they can mix and match to their own creative vision!

                   Have fun with this great technique and

                 Have a great weekend!  Cheers, Claire W.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Up date on April BOM "Spring Baskets"

"Spring Baskets" had a pretty good turn out, 23 blocks!

 You can find the instructions here.  It's a fun block that uses a half of a layer cake (5" x 10") for the basket and a little more than a half of a layer cake for the background.
And, yes, there is that basket with the funny handle.  It is our guilds policy to be forgiving to the new bees and boo-boos of all quilter's attempts. 
 Our mission like most guilds is primarily Educational and we encourage new bees to try new things, to learn and expand their skills by participating in the Block of the Month program.  First tries are often not perfect but it's a beginning!

Speaking of BOM's;  if you're looking for the May BOM instructions they will be ready in a few days.  Sorry for the delay, last week was very very busy.
Cheer, Claire W.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

A Virtual Bouquet, Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!
I wish I could send you the fragrance as well.
There's nothing sweeter smelling than a
bouquet of Sweet Peas!
Have a Sweet Day!
Cheers, Claire W.