Sunday, February 5, 2017

India a land of many colors!

If you are looking for the Jan.  PVQA BOM  scroll down past India and it should be there.

Well,  I'm back from India and one of my strongest impressions is what a colorful country!

These displays of pigments just knocked me out they were so vivid!  When mixed with coconut oil they are applied for body paint.  They are also used for this crazy festival where everybody goes around throwing paint balls at each other?!
The textiles were wonderful, and varied, beautiful silk Sarees and scarves, great clothes but I did not see much suitable cotton for quilting. 
The houses are painted as brightly as the pigments... 
And the boats... 
The actors... 
The temples...
Even the food! 
Sadly this is as close as I came to seeing a tiger,  but I saw lots of other cool animals like these monkeys... 
And some elephants and lots of birds that I was never quick enough to get pix of.
But mostly what I came away with is a sense of how small the world is,  how common our experience.  As human beings we are very much more similar than different.
Reassuring when you consider the political environment?!
Happy Sunday!
cheers, CW

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

PVQA January Block of the Month 2017

This month's BOM is a simple 16 patch; but, the approach in color distribution makes it quite different from a checkerboard style 16 patch.  I got this idea from  Cathy has a lot of great ideas for rainbow colored scrap quilts this block is just one of them. If you scroll down her post from last week goal #7 you will find her version of this block.

Choose 1 color per block of medium or dark shades of red, blue, yellow, purple, orange or green. The 12 patches around the outside of the block are all from one color family.  The 4 patches in the middle of the block should all be different and chosen from light grey solids, light grey prints, white background with small amounts of black / grey prints or white on white prints.
Cut 12- 3” patches in one color family.  The patches can be all different or have a few repeats. Cut 4- 3” patches of the grey / white fabrics.  All 4 of these should be different.
- Lay out your patches according to the photo.   Sew in the sequence indicated and press away from the light center patches. 
 I know some people might sew the above units into 4 rows but I think you have a better chance of making those center seams line up properly by sewing 4- 4 patches.
Press the last two center seams open...

                                            that way the block will lay really flat in the middle.
These blocks go together really fast, it took me longer to choose all the different scraps than it did to sew them!  I'm not a huge fan of rainbow colored quilts but these blocks are so highly graphic I thought it might be a good way to go.
I'm off to India on Weds.  I'm going Tiger Spotting (not to be confused with Tiger hunting!),  Wish me luck! I will post pix on Instagram. (ClaireWitherspoon@cspoonquilt)
Cheers, CW

Sunday, January 15, 2017

November BOM update

Here's a quick pic of most of the Nov. BOM blocks that were turned in last Monday night.

I really like all the different secondary patterns when the blocks get put together.  Makes for a very graphic design!  There were a total of 44 blocks turned in.  That will make a nice sized lap quilt for the winner!

January is just zipping by.  I need to get the January BOM posted before the month is gone!  Yikes!
I hope you are enjoying the New Year!  Cheers, Claire W.