Thursday, September 21, 2017

Blogger's Quilt festival - Scrappy Triangles

I decided to link with Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side Here's the link.  It is a great way to be introduced to lots of quilts, websites and network around.
I chose a quilt to show that I finished earlier in this year.  I was so happy with the color scheme.  I think it is rather eye catching!  It was a really fun quilt to make you can read about the mechanics here.
The first pic is on my design wall not quite finished but the color came out better in this pic than the finished pic that follows.

I would take a picture of the finished quilt on the design wall but I sent it off to The Sacramento Guild to promote my Scrap Strategies class that I will be teaching there in November.   Some of the triangles have moved around but it's still basically the same top/
I was really happy with the way this quilt turned out except I used Minky for the backing and that did not work out so well.  But it was really fun making the top, so maybe I'll just make another one and use a different backing.  Course it won't be exactly the same 'cause it was mostly scraps that have been used up,  but that's half the fun!
Happy Blog hopping!
Cheers, Claire W.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Modern Improv. Stack and Whack Curved Piecing - NCQC presentation

Northern California Quilt Counsel's ( January meeting will be featuring demonstrations by 9 quilt teachers from the Northern California area.  I proposed a demo on Improv
Stack and Whack curved piecing.  This fun easy-to-learn technique can be applied to a lot of different quilt blocks.  I've been experimenting with this technique for a long time.  This sample shows quite a few different quilt blocks as well as some borders.
 I posted a demo of these techniques here:

Here's are some other examples:

The two above are my work.  These below are orphan projects in varying stages of completion. 
 NCQC Demonstrations meeting last January was very popular.  I hope if you live in the area you can make it to this fun informative meeting!
cheers, Claire W.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Halloween / October Quilt

Many years ago I went to an exhibit at New Pieces quilt shop in Berkeley, CA.  The exhibit featured a quilter (I don't remember her name) who had made a quilt for her own bed for each month in the year.  I don't remember all of her themes but several featured whatever major holiday occurred in that month; like an xmas quilt for December,  a halloween quilt for October etc.

I'm not sure I want to make a different quilt for every month of the year but I thought I might start with one Special Seasonal quilt. I do love Halloween (and Halloween fabric) and the change of seasons that occurs in October, so I thought I'd start by making myself an October quilt.  I have been ruminating on this idea for some time and been collecting themed fabric for the project.  I don't think I'll finish this quilt by October 1st, but, I have started to develop a layout and it's pretty simple so I might finish it by Halloween...
I know what I want for the center and I've worked out the border so I just need to figure out the stuff in between!  LOL!
I probably have enough Halloween fabric for about 10 Halloween quilts!  And I have some really nice Fall Fabric for a backing so when Halloween is over I'll be able to turn it over and use the other side.
Maybe I should just design a Thanksgiving top for the back?  Now there's an idea!
Two for the price of one!
Well we'll see.
Have a great weekend!
cheers, CW